Inaugural Batch of Cambodian Watchmakers Graduate from Prince Horology Bringing Swiss Watchmaking Craftmanship to The Kingdom


Inaugural Batch of Cambodian Watchmakers Graduate from Prince Horology Bringing Swiss Watchmaking Craftmanship to The Kingdom

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PHNOM PENH – 10 November 2022 – Prince Horology, founded by the Prince Foundation to bring the best of Swiss watchmaking education to Cambodia, is proud to announce that its first batch of six Cambodian students has successfully graduated from a comprehensive two-year micro-mechanics and watchmaking program. The six graduates Somsorya CHOK, Sereyvath LORN, Lihuor SAK, Phanichharath SAMOTH, Theara SEM and Chhunlong UNG, received their certificates at an official ceremony held at Prince Holding Group with their family members and Prince Horology staff present to commemorate the joyous occasion.

Lihuor SAK, Prince Horology Class of 2022, delivered a graduation speech at the ceremony stating, “I would like to thank our instructors at Prince Horology who have worked tirelessly giving their time, effort and selfless contribution. Without your enormous support, we would not have come so far. With the benefit of this intense two-year course providing us with foundational skills, we look forward to joining the industry. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Chairman of Prince Holding Group, Neak Oknha Chen Zhi, as well as Prince Foundation for offering us such a valuable chance to pursue our dreams.”

“With the industry being virtually non-existent in Cambodia, Prince Horology has stepped in to create the competence base necessary for a strong start,” said Ms. Jessica Thakur, Technical Advisor and Instructor at Prince Horology. “With skilled watchmakers always being in high demand, the future is bright for Prince Horology graduates locally, regionally and internationally.”

“Through Prince Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Prince Holding Group, we helped launch Prince Horology in 2020 when the Kingdom was going through unprecedented changes,” said Gabriel Tan, Chief Communications Officer of Prince Holding Group. “The school is a wonderful reflection of the perseverance of the Khmer spirit, the synergies of cross-cultural collaboration and the benefits of vocational education that I am sure will continue to inspire and bring people closer from all over the world in the future.”

Prince Horology was founded at the behest of Neak Oknha Chen Zhi, Chairman of Prince Holding Group, who is also a watch aficionado and who has paid keen attention to the institute in his personal capacity. At Prince Horology, students have access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and are under the tutelage of professional Swiss trained instructors who have over 60 years combined experience in Swiss watchmaking and Swiss watchmaking education, including working in luxury groups such as The Swatch Group and Richemont and the world-famous Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program (WOSTEP).

Prince Horology undertook an ambitious challenge to introduce the skills and technology of modern Swiss watchmaking while remaining faithful to the rich tradition and craftsmanship of high-end watchmaking. Thus, making it quite unique when compared with other international watchmaking schools. Its success is bolstered by the fact that Cambodia shares a rich cultural heritage in craftsmanship and artisanal skills.

Currently open to local and international applicants for the next course starting on 9th January 2023, Cambodians benefit from a scholarship program covering tuition, monthly stipend and accommodation allowance. Please kindly contact Prince Horology directly for more information about this unique opportunity at