Orange Cube Australian Niche Accessories Brand – Affordable Luxury Product that Spices up Your Life

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AUSTRALIA – 1 November 2019 – With the rise of Gen Z, more and more people are lighting the torch of individuality, with expressing themselves through skateboarding, rap, hip hop dance and graffiti. This underground culture has gained popularity and everyday get closer to the mainstream. Fashion brands such as ORANGE CUBE from Australia have sprung up supporting this push towards individual expressing with well-crafted design.

The Graffitied streets in Australia are an iconic feature of Melbourne, hosting the famous Hosier Lane a creative hub of color and artists. Freed of judgment, graffiti artists paint with secret pen names and express true options and expose their true self in spray paint.

Influenced greatly by the street culture of Melbourne from where the brand originates, ORANGE CUBE aims to build a brand that is highly recognizable and talked about. ORANGE CUBE ventures to create products that carry a strong sense of individualism with powerful unique design.

Recently, ORANGE CUBE launched its new original designed COOKIE necklace series. Built by a young team of designers, every element is thought through to bring you a design to inspire your imagination. Inspired by the delicate sugar cookies that everyone’s mother who had their own secret recipe, these COOKIE designs take a new approach to fashion.

Available in three colors, gold, ebony and rose gold, making the product perfect for anyone. Inspired by grand stain-glass windows, the cookie necklace has colorful zircon settings to catch the light creating a delicate silhouette with sparkles in any light. With the clever design these can also be worn as necklace or bracelet.

The gold donut necklace inlaid with colorful zircon, comes in a variety of sizes and color is most popular among fashionable young ladies. Available as a charm or a necklace these fun and unique designs are great for any occasion.

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