Alliance Materials Connects the World with Formaldehyde Free Products


Alliance Materials Connects the World with Formaldehyde Free Products

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TAIWAN – 21 December 2020 – The friendly interaction between humans and the environment is even more important as the COVID-19 is spreading globally. Considering the health of general public and the rising trend of green circular economy, Alliance Materials Technology Corp. Ltd. established in 2018, focuses primarily on the research development and production of formaldehyde-free and nontoxic eco-friendly biomaterials.

As publicly announced by the WHO, formaldehyde is classified as Group 1 carcinogen that is commonly found in traditional adhesives usually used in construction. Alliance Materials finally developed a safe and nontoxic Ecohere™ NAF Adhesive after numerous experiments. The Ecohere™ NAF Adhesive uses cellulose as raw material as it is easy to obtain and widely available in nature.

Comparing with the existing soy-based NAF adhesive, the raw material has no conflict with the general public over food resources. This product had already obtained patents from Taiwan, the US, Japan and Mainland China, and could be applied onto wooden furniture, solid wood floors and bamboo panels or other relevant wood products.

Tony Chen, CEO of Alliance Materials, said “Ecohere™ NAF Adhesive uses nontoxic biomaterials as precursors to achieve formaldehyde-free status. Products and building materials that use this adhesive are able to fulfill the strict standards of US No-added formaldehyde (NAF) and the formaldehyde emission standards for wood products of US Environmental Protection Agency Toxic Substances Control ACT (TSCA) Title Vl.” In other words, the relevant wood products could be recycled and reused without any need for detoxification, achieving the goal of circular economy.

The crosslink structure of the adhesive chemically bonds with the wood materials, therefore is not easily unglued. In addition to the strong durability of its adhesive, it also passes the most rigid water-resistant test. When used upon curved products, there are no warping nor delamination problems, with excellent evenness and durability, showing a perfect balance between practicality and environmental protection.

Caring for the earth means caring for ourselves. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly products are already a global trend and the mission of Alliance Materials continue to develop.