First-ever Hang Seng Index Warrants by Kenanga


First-ever Hang Seng Index Warrants by Kenanga

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Set to boost trading appetite of traders

MALAYSIA – 5 August 2021 – Hang Seng Index (“HSI”) structured warrants issued by Kenanga Investment Bank is now listed on FBMKLCI namely, HSI-CIW and HSI-HMO.

This launch marks Kenanga’s first foray into offering investors exposure to East Asia via structured warrants on the Main Market. The HSI is the most widely quoted performance indicator of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (“SEHK”), the fourth largest stock exchange operator in the world.

The Hang Seng Index tracks the performance of around 50 of the largest, most liquid stocks in Hong Kong market including global names such as Alibaba Group, Meituan, HSBC, Xiaomi, Tencent, Henderson and Sino Biopharm.

This launch appeals to traders with higher risk appetites as macro-economic conditions are creating great trading opportunities in the HSI.

“At Nagawarrants by Kenanga, our commitment is to provide carefully designed financial instruments that offer traders diverse exposure according to their risk and return preferences. Demonstrated by the high daily demand for our current warrants, it is clear that we are on the right path serving customers who prioritise quality warrants and profitability over quantity. This is why we are expanding our warrant issuances to include Hang Seng Index warrants.

Our intense focus on online education, cutting-edge trading tools, reliable market-making abilities and liquidity empowers traders to arrive at profitable and informed decisions.” said Philip Lim, Head of Equity Derivatives at Kenanga Investment Bank.

In conjunction with the launch, Kenanga Investment Bank will be hosting their first-ever Hang Seng Index Warrants webinar, jointly with Bursa Malaysia, on 7th August 2021, Saturday.

The webinar will feature Mr Azhar Mohd Zabidi from Bursa Malaysia, Ms Isabelle Zhen from Kenanga Investment Bank and Mr Johan J. Lee, a Hang Seng warrants specialist from Hong Kong where participants can learn about the Hang Seng Index Warrants and at the same time, stand a chance to win prizes courtesy of Garmin Malaysia.

Structured warrants are generally used to make money from volatility. Bullish investors typically buy a call warrant to benefit from an up trending underlying asset while bearish investors may buy a put warrant to benefit from a down-trending underlying asset.

Kenanga’s local equity warrants have consistently been the most popular trading instruments in Malaysia, as demonstrated by its “Best Structured Warrants Issuer 2020” award by Bursa Malaysia, accounting for over 25 percent of warrant turnover in 2020.

About Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad 197301002193 (15678-H)
Established for more than 45 years, Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad (“the Group”) is a financial group in Malaysia with extensive experience in equity broking, investment banking, treasury, Islamic banking, listed derivatives, investment management, wealth management, structured lending and trade financing.

The Group has garnered a host of awards and accolades reflecting its strong market position. It was awarded under the categories of Best Overall Equities Participating Organisation by Bursa Malaysia, Best Overall Derivatives Trading Participant, Best Structured Warrant Issuer, Best Retail Equities Participating Organisation, Best Institutional Equities Participating Organisation Investment Bank; along with Best Trading Participant and Best Institutional Equities Participating Organisation and for Equity and Financial Derivatives for 18 consecutive years. The Group was also accorded the title of Best Institutional Derivatives Trading category by Bursa Malaysia.

The Group continues to be a regular and repeat recipient of distinguished industry accolades, such as the Lipper, Fundsupermart and Morningstar awards. For its continued efforts towards community outreach and employee volunteerism, the Group was awarded the coveted company of the year award for environmental awareness and sustainability at Sustainability & CSR Malaysia Awards 2020.

Today, Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad is an award-winning leading independent investment bank in the country with a continuous commitment towards driving collaboration, innovation, and digitalization in the marketplace.