Professional Authors and Journalists Now Prefer


Professional Authors and Journalists Now Prefer

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CHINA – 24 September 2019 – When choosing translation and proofreading platform, professional authors and journalists feel that they must choose between quality and speed. Google Translate, Baidu Translate or other open source translating programs offer instant translation for their users.

However, such computer programs do not meet the need of professional authors and journalists, whose work are more than literature. Computer programs, logics and algorithms are not designed to understand the very artistic and aesthetics nature of the human languages.

Warren Lau, CEO and Chief Designer of

Professional authors and journalists now prefer, says Warren Lau, C.E.O. and co-developer of, when they needed translating and proofreading service. This platform is quite different from others in the field – the client only needs to input the article and the email address, settle payment via PayPal or Visa/Master, and then wait for the work to be done.

You don’t need to sign any contract or quotation and risk to reveal your identity. While other platform vows to protect your privacy and intellectual copyright, simply does not collect your privacy data, and simply does not know, and does not want to know where you are going to publish your translated/proofread article.

Of course, quality and safety come at a price. will charge slightly higher than market average.

First, input your article inside the textbox at the center. Then, tell the system from which language your article is, and what language do you want her to translate into. Don’t forget to tell her your email address! After payment is arranged, wait for the job to be done, and you can collect your article via email.