Popular Japanese Vlogger Ghib Ojisan Uncovers Digitalisation Efforts by SMEs and Local Businesses, in Collaboration with King Of Time


Popular Japanese Vlogger Ghib Ojisan Uncovers Digitalisation Efforts by SMEs and Local Businesses, in Collaboration with King Of Time

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  • Shining the spotlight on the day-to-day realities of small businesses and how they improve productivity using technology
  • YouTube vlogs of hidden gem Kamome Bakery and ramen chain Tonkotsu Kazan now live

SINGAPORE – 26 January 2021 – Rigid operating guidelines and manpower shortages are some of the challenges that are looming over local businesses, especially those in the F&B, retail and manufacturing sectors. As part of his exploration of Singapore, Japanese vlogger Ghib Ojisan visits small businesses and shares their stories of innovation and transformation to survive the times. Viewers can catch his YouTube vlog of Kamome Bakery and the new King of Time series, How’s Your Time Here, which are both released yesterday.

Known for his inquisitiveness, personable nature and sincerity, Ghib Ojisan aims to connect to the people behind the brands — the founders, management and staff — and find out what makes their work, work.

Running a business is never easy, much less in a foreign country. Founder of Kamome Bakery, Date-san can attest to that, having moved to Singapore and opening her own bakery in November 2019.

Ghib Ojisan finds out how she copes with the labour intensive, highly competitive nature of the industry by adopting Japan’s number one HR cloud software, King of Time, to optimise workflow. Date-san highlighted the benefits of having real-time visibility of staff movement, even when she is not physically at the store. Payroll management, rostering and employee tracking have become digital and much more convenient — saving her time, minimising calculation errors and reducing costs.

The same sentiments are shared by Ms Ariel from the Corporate Planning Department at Tonkotsu Kazan, who says that “so much time has been saved” with the adoption of King of Time. In a fast paced F&B industry, time is of the essence. All data is sent to King of Time servers for consolidation in real time, allowing admin or HR managers to accommodate schedule changes within minutes.

The attendance management system and its list of features free up time for the managers who can now focus on restaurant operations and training.

Tonkotsu Kazan is featured as the first of many episodes of the How’s Your Time Here series which is available on King of Time’s official YouTube channel. Hosted by Ghib Ojisan, viewers can expect an insider’s look at how businesses and SMEs operate, many of which are brands that Singaporeans are familiar with.

King of Time dominates the attendance management cloud market in Japan with 1,800,000 users and over 23,000 companies (as of October 2020). Constrained by government-imposed lockdowns and work-from-home arrangements due to the pandemic, companies in Japan and Southeast Asia contributed to an 11% increase in subscribers in 2020 alone.

With traditional workflow being disrupted, the schedule management system proved effective in planning for split team arrangements while ensuring that operations were not compromised even with limited manpower. One way was to give department managers the jurisdiction under King of Time to assign shifts to the staff directly under them. This helps HR, and the company as a whole, to distribute workload efficiently.

King of Time is one of the supportable solutions under the Productivity Solutions Grant. It aims to help even more local companies improve their business operations to tide through the pandemic and ride into the digital economy.

The initial set-up fee for King of Time is from SGD 500 and the monthly fee stands at SGD 3 per user.

A 30-day free trial of King of Time with full features is available. Companies can apply for the trial on the website and receive assistance from the support team with set-up and operation.

About Huubap
Huubap was established in 2015 as a subsidiary of Human Technologies, Inc. (H&T) in Singapore. Huubap localises, sells and supports “King of Time” (KoT) for Southeast Asian countries. KoT is H&T’s main product which has grown into the leading cloud attendance management system in the market.

On top of the software, Huubap provides solutions that improve productivity of organisations, such as tools for streamlining personnel, payroll management and paperless work efficiency tools. The Huubap team spans across Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Japan and other countries, and are unified by a multinational and multiethnic team culture. With its global perspective to drive product improvement and sales support, Huubap aims to become the cloud HR company with top share in the ASEAN region.