Next Level Singapore Currently Holds SkillsFuture-approved Digital Marketing Courses Online


Next Level Singapore Currently Holds SkillsFuture-approved Digital Marketing Courses Online

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 21 April 2020 – When circuit breaker measures were announced, leading digital marketing agency Next Level Singapore took measures to transition their courses online. During this period of uncertainty, Next Level Singapore believes that most companies and individuals would take this period to upgrade their skillsets.

When asked how the business crafted their business continuity plan, Managing Director of Next Level Singapore Benjamin Chong added: “As a digital marketing agency conducting in-person interactive courses, we have always wanted to take our digital marketing classes online. The Circuit Breaker was announced on April 3rd 2020, we had one class already scheduled the next day, it forced us to innovate and convert our physical course into an online one literally overnight. On April 4th 2020, we conducted our first online digital marketing training. My team had to work overnight to make all the arrangements but it was a big success from participants’ feedback.”

Taking their digital marketing courses online
Next Level Singapore’s most notably known course is their signature Digital Marketing Course. Prior to the circuit breaker measures, the course was held in 1-day at their office in Bugis.

The digital marketing course is SkillsFuture approved and costs $298 which is fully claimable with SkillsFuture credits.

Now that physical classes are no longer allowed, the digital marketing agency has taken swift and decisive steps to make sure that their classes can still be held online.

Participants now attend the course by connecting through the video conferencing software Google Meet. The course instructors will then be able to share the view of their monitor screens in order to go through the course materials.

Head of Digital Marketing at Next Level Singapore, Chong Hao added, “It’s just like how we view our PowerPoint slides when we are at the physical classroom.”

Adapting to the digital change is not without challenges
Taking their digital marketing courses online does not come without a challenge. As participants of the course might not be IT-savvy, they initially face a small learning curve in adjusting to using video conferencing technology.

“Some course participants found minor obstacles in understanding how the video conferencing software work. However, once they learnt it, it was really smooth sailing.”

Chong Hao further added, “It’s like riding a bicycle. Once you learn how to ride the bicycle, it only gets easier from there. You start to speed, tackle bumpy roads, and so on. Most participants actually found the software really intuitive and they couldn’t wait to share with their friends and families on how to use them.”

Taking their business to the next level by adding value to clients
Next Level Singapore was founded in 2017. They hold their digital marketing courses 3 to 4 times a month. (now more as we transit online)

The company believes strongly in educating the workforce on digital marketing in this crucial time of transformation. The course is 100% SkillsFuture Credit Eligible, meaning that Singaporeans can use their SkillsFuture Credit to attend it.

Primarily specializing in Facebook Advertising and Real Estate Digital Marketing, the company has achieved remarkable figures of up to a 20 times return on advertising spend for their clients’ campaigns.

Benjamin added, “Our client centric mission is to drive digital innovation to end results, be it increasing revenue or decreasing costs. Digital innovation is about optimising the highest and best results through all possible digital marketing strategies available to us.”