MOVE Network Showcases Partnerships with UCOLLEX at Ani-Com HK 2021


MOVE Network Showcases Partnerships with UCOLLEX at Ani-Com HK 2021

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HONG KONG SAR – 26 July 2021 – MOVE Network, the NFT aggregator, kick-started its collaboration with UCOLLEX at the 22nd Annual ACGHK Expo 23-26 July 2021.

ACGHK (Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong) is one of the largest annual summer events held in Hong Kong. ACGHK is an expo that showcases a wide selection of animations, comics, games, e-sports, toys, figures, and collectibles.

The MOVE Network x UCOLLEX booth held pride of place at the front of the ACG2021 event stage. During the event, MOVE Network and UCOLLEX announced their strategic partnership. MOVE Network x UCOLLEX intend to launch a NFT Blind Box Series called, “CREATORS COLLIDE”. This collection will be available on Opensea.

The MOVE Network is growing from strength to strength. In the run up to the ACGHK Expo, the MOVE Network community increased tremendously.

The strategic partnership between MOVE Network and UCOLLEX is yet another celebration for the MOVE Network community. The collaboration reinforces MOVE Network’s position as a leading NFT aggregator.

About MOVE Network
MOVE Network is a leading NFT aggregator covering a wide spectrum of NFT products. MOVE Network allows enterprises and start-ups to capture value by using blockchain technologies to trade, stake, create, and auction NFTs. Users can utilize the MOVE Network to own and trade NFT IPs in entertainment, music, artwork, and esports.

UCOLLEX is an innovative collectibles platform merging the physical collectibles market with digital asset creation offering a novel immersive collectable experience. UCOLLEX convergences the global toy market with merchandising sales and NFTs. UCOLLEX has also created a community-first platform the enables the sale and secure trading of digital (physical) IP assets.