Fruitually Keeps the Supply of Fruits to Meet with the Sales Boom of the Festive Season


Fruitually Keeps the Supply of Fruits to Meet with the Sales Boom of the Festive Season

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HONG KONG SAR – 9 February 2021 – The Chinese New Year is approaching, and the sales boom of fruits has begun. As the epidemic has dealt hard blows to the wholesale fruit market, citizens chose to buy fruits through online fruit shops this year.

According to the inquiry, many online fruit shops have launched Chinese New Year fruit baskets and provide door-to-door delivery service. Huang Yichao, the CEO of Fruitually, the local fruit shop in Hong Kong, said that they have prepared well in advance to deal with the sales boom to ensure that consumers can buy high-quality fruits at reasonable prices.

High-quality imported fruits have been viral
Since the epidemic broke out last year, more and more people have been aware of the importance of health. In order to strengthen the immune system, and to avoid cross-infection, more and more people are pursuing healthy eating. Mr. Huang said that since the epidemic, the online sales of fruit shops have increased by around 20% compared to the past, and even in short supply. And Kiwi, strawberries, bananas, citrus, and other fruits that can strengthen the immune system are more popular among citizens.

In recent years, exotic fruits such as strawberry, lotus mist, dragon fruit, durian, and sugar apple have shown a trend of rising in volume and price. On the other hand, the demand for imported high-end fruits is also on the rise, it reveals that Hong Kong people are looking for diversified tastes.

“Hong Kongers enjoy the quality of life, and in the New Year, they may eat a lot during the festival, so more are looking for nice fruits.” Mr. Huang mentioned:” Some high-end imported fruits such as kiwis, and strawberries, which is handpicked, are very popular with Hong Kong citizens, and they were once sold out.”

Fruits with good meanings have been people’s choice for the new year
As the festive season approaches, the festive fruits are welcomed by Hong Kongers. In order to cater to the needs of consumers, many online fruit shops have launched Chinese New Year fruit boxes. Fruits with a good meaning are included in Chinese New Year gift boxes. Apple means peace, citrus means good fortune, and dragon fruit means prosperity. In addition, the new favorite fruits such as strawberries, grapes, and so on are also included in the gift box.

Online fruit shopping has become a trend.
Since the global epidemic, Hong Kongers have canceled their shopping trips and chose to shop online more at home. Online fruit shopping has also shown an upward trend. In addition to the epidemic, it also means that the quality and the service are recognized by more and more people.

Take Fruitually as an example, in addition to the advantages such as convenience, speed, and variety, the main feature is low price and high quality. As online fruit sales have high requirements for fruit quality, distribution efficiency, storage, and transportation, to the brand-new fruit sales mode, the road still needs to be explored and kept up with the times.

In addition, as the Lunar New Year is approaching, it must be reminded that the epidemic is still raging and that gatherings should be minimized as much as possible during the Lunar New Year, and whether it is online shopping or shopping in stores, protection and disinfection must be done.

About Fruitually Hong Kong fruit online shop
“Fruitually ” is a local online fruit company. The company team has more than ten years of experience in fruit procurement. It takes the highest quality fruit, the most reasonable price, and the most convenient delivery service as its principles. In addition to the store, it also provides online fruit ordering and door-to door delivery services.