EngageRocket Announces Continued Partnership with Tech Giant – Tokopedia


EngageRocket Announces Continued Partnership with Tech Giant – Tokopedia

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The partnership will strengthen company culture and provide better experience employee management

JAKARTA – 1 August 2019 – EngageRocket, the leading Asian employee engagement software provider, today announced that Tokopedia, an Indonesian technology company, has renewed its partnership with EngageRocket to strengthen company culture.

Tokopedia has raised $1.1 billion in its latest financing round from Softbank Vision Fund and Alibaba in 2018. The company also experienced triple growth in the number of its employees in just three years. To date, more than 4,200 Nakama (Tokopedia’s employees) work at Tokopedia. As part of this exciting growth, Tokopedia recognized the need for a solution for monitoring employee engagement and alignment with the company’s value-based culture in real-time.

According to Libertha Hutapea – Head of Talent, Learning & Development at Tokopedia, “As Tokopedia grows, it is of utmost importance that we keep track of our employees’ engagement and feedback. We needed a solution for measuring and confirming that all of our Nakama remains aligned with Tokopedia’s mission. Through this renewed partnership with EngageRocket, we are maximizing the strength of or HR data as a basis for improving HR processes and systems to provide a better experience for all Nakama.”

The EngageRocket Belong module enables Tokopedia’s People teams to run automated pulse surveys called “The Voice of Nakama” to easily collect data on employee engagement and “3 DNA Pulse Check” to monitor the implementation of 3 DNA (corporate culture) in each work team. This data is centralized and analyzed in a single platform to allow the People team and leaders or managers to gain a better understanding of Nakama and their team’s conditions and provide feedback and improvements for better HR management.

“We are proud to help Tokopedia scale their unique culture and help them build memorable experiences for employees in this rapid growth journey,” said Dorothy Yiu, co-founder at EngageRocket. “Using real-time people analytics to measure the health of the organization is the best way to prevent disengagement.”

EngageRocket’s solution provides a solution accessible for all employees through multiple channels supported by strong analytical and reporting capabilities. Data reconciliation with other HRSI such as Workday, user-friendly dashboard, and customizable reports also provides insights to the People team and leaders or managers with actionable insights in real-time.

Specifically, with the EngageRocket Growth module, every Nakama can provide performance feedback to the team, coworkers, and leaders so that the priority of learning and development in Nakama can be monitored regularly. Thanks to this partnership, Tokopedia was able to complete assessments with over 8,000 raters within 2-3 weeks.

“With automated surveys, intelligent reminders, and customized reports, EngageRocket ease the data collection process so that HR teams can focus on the most important area: the people.” added Libertha Hutapea.