CSG Supercharges Customer Experience with Launch of Industry-Specific Customer Engagement Solution, CSG Xponent Ignite


CSG Supercharges Customer Experience with Launch of Industry-Specific Customer Engagement Solution, CSG Xponent Ignite

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DENVER – 19 October 2022 – CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) empowers companies to build unforgettable experiences that make it easier for consumers and businesses to connect with, use, and pay for the products and services they value most. To propel proactive customer experience (CX), CSG today launched CSG Xponent™ Ignite, a customer engagement solution built from industry-specific expertise that enables businesses to quickly deploy, engage and deliver quantifiable experiences aligned with their goals.

“Companies are frustrated with spending millions of dollars on generic CX tools that don’t produce the outcomes they were sold on. Generating ROI on CX initiatives is what businesses need and what we offer with CSG Xponent Ignite,” said Eric Carrasquilla, president, customer engagement, CSG.

“CSG’s expertise is driving differentiated digital experiences for consumers and patients. Xponent Ignite raises the customer experience bar by delivering industry-tailored, pre-built customer journeys with pre-configured integrations that personalize and automate the most important customer touchpoints to drive immediate value to the consumer and achieve faster ROI.”

“Even with the growing number of deployments, few companies, if any, have mastered the art of delivering a great customer experience. Organizations need easy access today and to be able to connect the dots between programs to realize business results,” said Mila D’Antonio, principal analyst, Omdia. “CSG Xponent Ignite takes the guesswork out of journey orchestration and simplifies it for the end user at scale and with speed.”

By leveraging CSG Xponent Ignite, businesses can:

  • Prove and build their CX business case, understand their CX maturity, illuminate ways to generate ROI, and help define a solid CX strategy to drive desired business and customer outcomes.
  • Speed time to value with 80+ industry-specific, pre-built journeysthat quickly orchestrate the most important customer interactions to elevate customer satisfaction, drive customer loyalty, spark upsells, and lead to faster ROI.
  • Connect with ease and remove data silos by leveraging an API library with 100+ pre-configured integrations to streamline and seamlessly connect to your existing tech stack without ripping and replacing the current IT infrastructure.

CSG Xponent Ignite empowers companies within the telecommunications, financial services, retail, and healthcare industries to personalize customer journeys through use cases for acquisition, support, growth, and retention. The catalog of journeys is based on best practices across these industries and expertise from orchestrating 50 billion omnichannel interactions around the globe.

With Xponent Ignite, healthcare providers can enhance patient care with real-time digital communications such as care plan adherence notifications and appointment reminders. Financial institutions can drive mortgage loan application completions with proactive, personalized reminders and real-time status updates. Retailers can hyper-personalize and target offers to customers in the right channel and at the right time to convert purchases. Communication service providers can retain customers with a promotion roll-off journey.

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