Co-Wealth Management Consultant Helps Applying TVP Technology Voucher for SMEs in One-stop


Co-Wealth Management Consultant Helps Applying TVP Technology Voucher for SMEs in One-stop

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HONG KONG SAR – 3 February 2021 – The “Technology Voucher Scheme” of the Innovation and Technology Commission is the most popular government subsidy scheme for businesses in Hong Kong. In order to facilitate applicants to adopt relevant technology services or solutions as soon as possible, the Innovation and Technology Commission will relax the requirement that applicants for “Technology Vouchers” must obtain approval from the Commission before starting projects from June 1, 2020.

All applicants can start the project as early as the day after submitting the application and expect to use information technology solutions such as online business as soon as possible to find the latest way out in the epidemic. The Innovation and Technology Commission has included technology voucher as the next regular funding scheme of the Innovation and Technology Fund. The funding limit for each applicant is 600,000 yuan, and a maximum of six projects can be approved, and each project should generally be completed within 12 months.

Co-Wealth knows that SMEs often encounter a lot of financial difficulties when they develop rapidly, and it has always been the purpose of Co-Wealth to assist SMEs to achieve their goals and find a successful business path. In view of this, Co-Wealth will launch a free application consultation service for businesses and provide customized solutions that meet the eligibility criteria at a reasonable price, so that SMEs can better understand the details of the funding program and be able to The funding is used in retail and online stores.

For companies eligible to apply for technology voucher, they must meet the following requirements:

  1. The company must be incorporated in Hong Kong in accordance with the Business Registration Ordinance (BRO) or the Companies Ordinance or relevant regulations of statutory bodies.
  2. The company must not be a government-affiliated organization or a subsidiary of any government-affiliated organization. Government branches are companies that often receive subsidies from the government.
  3. he company must carry out substantive business in Hong Kong. During the technology voucher application period, the substantive business operations must be one or more projects. Companies registered as a shell company are not eligible.
  4. The company must be an unlisted company.

Before applying, you need to prepare the following documents listed in the Technology Voucher Application Guidelines: Only a Hong Kong company in actual operation can apply (regardless of whether it is a limited company or an unlimited company). The actual operation certificate should be attached when submitting the application: including the receipt of the last three months, Invoices and MPF contribution records, company business registration, equity certificates, etc.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Innovation and Technology Department will be significantly slower in processing applications in 2020, so while waiting for approval, it will also collect actual operating documents every month; if the business registration and other documents are due to be updated during the waiting period, they must also be prepared to update version. The Innovation and Technology Administration will require the applicant companies to submit the latest documents when the approval is close to success, so that they can quickly respond to prescription requests if they are prepared in advance. The Innovation and Technology Commission will notify the applicant of the assessment result in writing.

Under the TVP technology voucher program, as long as companies use technology services and solutions for upgrading and transformation, they can apply for SME funding, and the government will bear 3/4 of the expenditure for the technology voucher project (that is, enterprises only have to bear 1/4 of the project cost), the maximum amount of funding is HK$600,000. However, from technology voucher application to project management, if the company does not have an accurate understanding, it will have to bear the risk that the application is difficult to be approved or the project is difficult to end.

To quickly realize the upgrade dream, Co-Wealth Technology Voucher Consultants can do the work for SMEs. The company gathers funding consultants and technology professionals, from technology voucher funding applications, technology supplier network support to technology voucher project management, professional advice, allowing SMEs to control the complex application procedures and technology expertise and take the lead. Co-Wealth has a wealth of experience as consultants for government-funded projects, grasps the latest information on various funding support for SMEs, and formulates a number of best funding applications to maximize funding and funds are available soon.

However, it is worth noting that the funding will be divided into two phases. Successful applicants can apply for the first phase of funding. After verifying the relevant documents, the Innovation and Technology Commission will issue the first phase of funding not exceeding 25% of the approved funding amount for the project. 75% of the final grant will be issued to applicants after the project is completed and the final project report is accepted. In addition, if the project is successfully funded by the Technology Voucher Scheme, the expenditure under the project cannot accept funding from other local public funding sources.

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The professional business consultant/corporate consultant team of Co-Wealth Management Consultant Limited has more than 5 years of experience in applying for government subsidy schemes. It provides professional consultation services for SMEs in Hong Kong to apply for government subsidy schemes. The technology voucher advisory service covers different types of government subsidy schemes. As of mid-2019, Co-Wealth has assisted more than 300 Hong Kong large, small and medium enterprises and organizations to apply for various government funding funds to help them make good use of government resources and enhance the company’s market competitiveness. In addition to this service, the independent financial advisors of Co-Wealth Financial Consultants also provide other services such as insurance, medical insurance, group medical treatment, labour insurance, employer opening MPF accounts and company opening MPF accounts, and there are also IT services such as web design, website production, whole APP, APP production and other diversified services.