Chinachem Group and ATAL Engineering Group Signs Memorandum of Understanding to Foster Collaboration on Healthcare Facilities Management


Chinachem Group and ATAL Engineering Group Signs Memorandum of Understanding to Foster Collaboration on Healthcare Facilities Management

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HONG KONG SAR – 21 July 2021 – Chinachem Group (the Group) and ATAL Engineering Group (ATAL) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate in providing comprehensive services to the healthcare industry in Hong Kong. The move underlines not only the determination of both parties to foster the commercial collaboration, but also the Group’s commitment to business expansion and creating a liveable city.

The Group provides high-quality property management, and its subsidiary Nina Hospitality also has expertise in hotel management. They exert decisive influence in the professional field of property management and hotel services. As a leading electrical and mechanical engineering service provider in Hong Kong, ATAL has unparalleled competitive advantages in providing multi-disciplinary E&M engineering and technology services for healthcare sector including private and public hospitals over the years.

According to the MoU, leveraging on synergies from the core competencies of both companies, the Group and ATAL have decided to join forces to deliver, in form of joint-venture, services for the operation, management and maintenance of local medical facilities. The two parties shall further explore collaboration opportunities in areas such as medical tourism, tele-medicine and IoT solution for healthcare industry, and bring in contributing resources to achieve respective business goals.

The MoU was signed by Hung Han Wong, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Chinachem Group and Victor Law, Managing Director of ATAL Engineering Group; witnessed by Donald Choi, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Chinachem Group and Dr Otto Poon, Chairman of ATAL Engineering Group at Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West.

“Partnership lies at the heart of Chinachem’s successes. By aligning with companies and organisations that share similar values to our own, we’re able to forge alliances for the long term. We are very pleased to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with ATAL to establish a strategic partnership. By making good use of the respective competitive advantages, a new cooperation model could be bought into medical sector. We also wish to be the leader of property management for healthcare facilities. This not only broadens the Group’s revenue streams, but also enhances the level of the Group and the industry, brings positive value for stakeholders and drives the development of the liveable city,” said Donald Choi.

Dr Otto Poon said, “Our healthcare system is under increasing pressure as the population in Hong Kong and elsewhere continues to age. Demand for high quality healthcare facilities is not only greater than before but also rising. Through this partnership, ATAL and Chinachem are uniquely positioned to seize the opportunities in delivering healthcare services which not only satisfy the community needs but also enable us to gain a larger foothold in healthcare sector in the local market and beyond.”

About Chinachem Group
Since 1960, Chinachem Group has been a leading property developer in Hong Kong, with a portfolio covering residential, commercial, retail and industrial buildings for sale and investment, in addition to operating hotels and property management services. The Group actively seeks to make a positive contribution to society through its adherence to the “Triple Bottom Line”, a commitment that its activities will benefit People, bring Prosperity to the community and preserve the Planet.

About ATAL Engineering Group
Established in 1977, ATAL Engineering Group is a leading electrical and mechanical engineering service provider headquartered in Hong Kong, with operations in Macau, Mainland China, the UK and the US. Serving a wide spectrum of customers from public and private sectors, the Group provides multidisciplinary and comprehensive E&M engineering and technology services in four major segments, including Building Services, Environmental Engineering, Information, Communications and Building Technologies (“ICBT”) and Lifts & Escalators. ATAL’s parent company, Analogue Holdings Limited, is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 1977).