Yeedi Launches Yeedi 2 Hybrid Robot Vacuum on Shopee Thailand


Yeedi Launches Yeedi 2 Hybrid Robot Vacuum on Shopee Thailand

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yeedi 2 hybrid vacuums and mops at the same time. Powered by Visual SLAM technology, it learns you home layout precisely for an expert cleaning

THAILAND – 25 June 2021 – yeedi, a robot vacuum brand committed to delivering intelligent floor-cleaning technology for people in pursuit of high efficiency, launched today their yeedi 2 hybrid, a 2-in-1 robot vacuum & mop featuring Visual SLAM technology to map out your entire home and plan efficient cleaning paths.

yeedi 2 hybrid vacuums and mops at the same time with its smart mopping system and robust 2500Pa suction power. Unlike robots that clean your house randomly, yeedi 2 hybrid follows an organized cleaning path for fewer missing spots. Combined with an extended runtime of up to 200mins, it is an ideal choice for people who need to clean multiple rooms at a time.

“By implementing the Visual SLAM technology, we make our smart floor cleaning gears even smarter.” Said, Gary Lee, General Manager of yeedi. “Don’t be deceived by its ultra-slim body, this little monster packs a punch. We are blazed to witness how yeedi 2 hybrid will elevate your floor cleaning experiences.”

yeedi app enables customers to set up virtual boundary, choose a specific room or area to clean anywhere at any time. yeedi 2 hybrid will automatically return to the charging station for recharging when battery runs low and resume cleaning right where it left off for a complete cleaning cycle. While the compatibility with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa enables you to start and stop cleaning via voice commands.

About yeedi
yeedi is an up and coming robot vacuums supplier launched in 2019. We gathered a group of robotic and housekeeping experts who are passionate about life and keen to innovations to bring quality smart products with modern design and practical features to customers all over the world.