TUV Rheinland and DiSa signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement on UV-C Disinfection AGV


TUV Rheinland and DiSa signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement on UV-C Disinfection AGV

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CHINA – Media OutReach – 18 June 2020 – TUV Rheinland Hong Kong Limited (TUV Rheinland), a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services and DiSa Digital Safety Pte. Ltd. (“DiSa”), signed a strategic cooperation agreement (Agreement) .

TUV Rheinland and DiSa agreed to cooperate in the field of UV-C Disinfection Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in the global market. The Agreement specifies DiSa and TUV Rheinland joint synergetic development of markets, including the strengthening of cooperation in the fields of research and development testing of AGVs and to further expand into certification. This cooperation will leverage on their strengths and experience in order to promote competitiveness in the transportation and other related industry.

“Since 1872, TUV Rheinland has been committed to ensure the safety and quality of the interaction between man, technology, and the environment. We have always been supporting innovation and new technological developments. We see this in DiSa when they unveiled in Singapore their state-of-the-art UV-C Disinfection AGVs built to address the current Covid-19 pandemic situation. Of course, as what we are globally known for as TUV Rheinland, my team will be involved in the safety assurance and performance of the DiSa UV-C Disinfection AGVs when it is launched to the market”, said Vincent Tan, Vice President of Mobility/Rail, TUV Rheinland Greater China and Asia Pacific.

“Through our cooperation, we hope to establish an excellent partnership with TUV Rheinland and I am excited that TUV Rheinland has given us this strategic opportunity to work with their team. This will serve as an encouragement and motivation to DiSa commitment as we tap into diversified business in these challenging economic times”, said Mr. Eddie Chng, MD and Group CEO of DiSa Limited.

About DiSa Digital Safety Pte. Ltd.
DiSa Digital Safety Pte. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of DiSa Limited, is a Singapore-based technology solution provider that specializes in research and development of cutting-edge digital security solution (“DiSa Asset Protection System”).

DiSa Asset Protection System, the world’s first asset protection technology, a digital lock on consumer electronic products. DiSa Asset Protection System allows the manufacturers and retailers of consumer electronic products to prevent theft by integrating DiSa Asset Protection System codes into their products during manufacturing process by making it inoperable at the point-of-manufacturing until the point-of-sale at retailer stores.

DiSa Asset Protection System has won several awards for technology innovation including two recognition of Achievement Awards for its innovation features at the 2009 Plus X Award Technology Conference in Cologne, Germany. DiSa was named first place winner at US Retail Industry Leaders Association’s 2017 Retail Asset Protection Conference held at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana in April 2017.

About TUV Rheinland
An internationally leading independent third-party testing, inspection, certification, training, and consulting organization, TUV Rheinland has nearly 150 years of experience and employs more than 20,000 people worldwide and operates in five Business Streams: Industrial Services & Cybersecurity, Mobility, Products, Academy & Life Care, and Systems.

The group is involved in all important areas of business and life. This starts with the energy sector and the consumer goods industry, and includes the automotive industry, basic materials and investment goods, environmental technology, trade, construction, the food industry, aviation, railway technology, the IT sector, information security and data protection, logistics, banks and financial service providers, agriculture, tourism, as well as the education and healthcare sectors.

TUV Rheinland has long been synonymous with rigorous high-quality testing and certification services and provision of a diversity of professional assessments from an impartial and independent perspective. We provide local companies with one-stop solutions that comply with safety, quality, and environment-friendly requirements.