Taiwan hi-tech Agri Products Seek Markets in Indonesia


Taiwan hi-tech Agri Products Seek Markets in Indonesia

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TAIWAN – 24 September 2019 – The Council of Agriculture (COA) of Taiwan is leading five local manufacturers of high-tech agricultural products and farm machinery to participate in the TAIWAN EXPO 2019 in Surabaya, Indonesia, later this month.

The effort to widen export markets and business cooperation with this Southeast Asian country is in line with the Taiwan government’s New Southward Policy — to strengthen economic ties with the region.

At the Expo, to be held in Grand City Convex Exhibition Hall during Sept.26-28, the Taiwanese enterprises will introduce advanced agricultural cultivation and product processing systems including plant seedling, biopesticides & biofertilizers, agricultural machinery and facilities to seek partnership in Indonesia.

The five exhibitors are all leaders in their specialized fields.
Taiwan Advance Biopharmaceutical Inc. has developed hi-tech testing devices for food made from livestock and agricultural goods. The devices meet international standards on precision, speed and convenience. The company also provides service in development and marketing.

Advanced Green Biotechnology Inc., applying cloud computing, has developed automatic fermentation system. It is able to achieve high productivity through the safe and convenient process by using big data techniques.

TECHS Technology Corporation Limited processes organic wastes applying fermentation techniques to expand the most of circular economy benefits. The high- quality microorganism fertilizers made through biotechnology, is able to reduce the usage of chemical fertilizers so as to protect soil and increase the harvest and upgrade quality of crops.

Taiwan Nissan Chemical Industries Corp. makes high quality, environmental-friendly fertilizers which effectively achieve target results demanded by clients.

Yun Chuan Machinery Co. Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing machinery for peanut harvest. It also provides latest technology in planting and harvesting of the peanut plantation. A convenient all-in-one service is offered to help peanut farmers increase crop yields.

Indonesia is the largest economy among ASEAN countries, with its agricultural sector accounting for 14 percent of its GDP in 2017. The area of agricultural land takes 74.5 percent of the country’s total.

Indonesia is one of the top 10 countries in the world for tropical cultivation so a high demand in agricultural machinery and facilities by farmers and related industries is expected to help upgrade yields of crops in the country.

The COA hopes Taiwan products would draw more visitors to the Taiwan Agricultural Pavilion.