Suncity Group Strongly Condemns Unverified Rumours


Suncity Group Strongly Condemns Unverified Rumours

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Advise not to spread any misleading messages and make decision rationally

CHINA – Media OutReach – 13 July 2020 – In response to the recent rumours circulating on the Internet, Alvin Chau, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Suncity Group, responded in a video today, he said, ‘According to the information provided by different institutions, there is an indication that a nationwide anti-crime operation has been conducting recently by the Mainland public security authorities, which is completely inconsistent and irrelevant with the “Targeting Suncity” as mentioned in the rumours. I strongly condemn all the rumour-mongering and dissemination of any unfounded information!’

Alvin Chau made a detailed statement on three points in particular; first, the late rumours about “Suncity Group subsidizing Hong Kong rioters” are extremely absurd and unreasonable. Deeply rooted in Macau with wholehearted devotion to the Motherland, Suncity Group never supports any actions that may jeopardize the country.

Second, the law enforcement authorities in the Mainland China are said to possess customer information of Suncity VIP Club. Alvin Chau emphasized that the Group has never received any request from overseas or the Mainland China demanding customer information. As an institution lawfully registered in Macau and regulated by the Macau Personal Data Protection Act, Suncity Group is strictly forbidden to arbitrarily disclose any customer information. The Group’s mobile app is operated and maintained by a professional team, in which no customer information will be stored in the system, and the server placed in Macau. The 24-hour monitoring system has not recorded any hacker attacks. Alvin Chau reiterates that Suncity VIP Club has never encountered any leakage of customer information.

Third, Suncity VIP Club is undeniably financially robust. To ease public concerns, Alvin Chau has disclosed the current financial situation in the video — Suncity VIP Club recognized a total amount of fiscal reserve of HKD 10.58 billion, the total amount of cash flows in Cage to be used in the daily operation of the VIP Club is HKD 18.6 billion, plus a total deposit of HKD 16.5 billion in two Macau banks. The Group’s total assets can absolutely be used to offset all chip deposits of all clients, foreseeable losses and bad debts.

Suncity Group has completely abided by the law in operating tourism and gaming business in Macau. The Group has neither any colleagues stationed nor participated in any gaming-related duty in the Mainland China. All employees, funds and systems are entrenched in Macau, and in other countries that can operate VIP Club business legally.

Even confronting the COVID-19, Suncity Group spares no effort in complying with the policy of the Central Government and as well as the Macao SAR Government, staying true to the spirit of this year’s NPC&CPPCC Annual Sessions of ensuring economic and social stability. Until this very moment, Suncity Group has not laid off any Macau employee due to financial pressure. The Group remains resolute in the commitment to achieve a prosperous future together with Macau.

Alvin Chau, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Suncity Group finally stated that, we are now at a critical time of a global pandemic, while Macau is also undergoing a tough time, and everyone should be more united. He firmly condemns the actions of some rumour-mongers who are constantly distributing false news and offensive information with malicious intention to undermine the economy of Macau. He also advises not to spread any misleading messages which could endanger the employment of Macau employees, the economy of Macau and even cause negative impacts on the mass.

About Suncity Group
Suncity Group was founded in 2007. Since establishment, Suncity Group has been striving to provide the extraordinary VIP entertainment service for our guests, and we then opened a number of VIP Clubs in various 6-star hotels and resorts throughout Macau with the rapid growth of our business. Meanwhile, we successively set up exclusive VIP Clubs in Manila, Seoul, Incheon, Phnom Penh and Da Nang, etc.

Adhering to the spirit of “Innovating With Diversity, Striving For Success”, Suncity Group spared no effort to develop high-end entertainment services and products as well as roll out global VIP loyalty program for the selected members to enjoy entertainment, travel, catering services, luxury shopping and motion picture. Today, the scope of our business covers most sectors, especially in the fields of global travel, film production, concert and event planning, catering and luxury goods.

As a Macau born and bred enterprise, Suncity Group is not only devoted to develop the Asian market, but also oriented to expand the global network. In the future, we will surely continue to diversify our VIP entertainment services, attract more exclusive members and make every effort to promote our business in every corner of the world.

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