Plan Smarter Business Trips with EzBizTrips Corporate Travel Program


Plan Smarter Business Trips with EzBizTrips Corporate Travel Program

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 17 March 2020 – Business travel is becoming essential to organizational growth, with the Global Business Travel Association predicting that work-related travel expenditures will surpass US$1.7 trillion by 2022.

However, booking hotels and flights, worrying about unavailability, and spending a tremendous amount of time consolidating travel expenses can put employees off.

Companies have to restructure their corporate travel programs so that employees can feel more productive on trips. What would work is a streamlined corporate travel management interface for planning, booking and expense recording, which emerging services provider EzBizTrip has an innovative solution for.

More productive trips by saving time and costs
For small and medium-sized enterprises, which the corporate travel platform wants to reach out to, trip planning and claims submission can stretch employees to their limits.

“On average, business travelers spend at least 20 minutes trying to file and manage their expenses from a three-day work trip,” shared Takaya Tomose, Chief Executive Officer of EzBizTrip, who has reached out to travelers from Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.

“I attend business trips about 180 days in a year and I’ve always felt that arranging the trip and sorting my travel expenses wasted my precious time. That amount of time would be more useful if spent on doing actual work and being productive.”

Apart from sending trip requests to their management teams, corporate travelers can create itineraries on EzBizTrip with a Smart Suggestion system. Underpinned by recommendation engines, the system provides travelers with personalized results that allow them to book swiftly and with certainty.

They can also accurately record and submit all expenses on the go by snapping a photo of receipts and uploading them onto the platform. Furthermore, travelers can easily keep track of their expenses through automated expenditure reports and ensure they do not go beyond the budget.

The business travel platform also rewards employees with products and services after redeeming points earned from cost savings when they use the program. By encouraging smarter savings through rewards, companies can better manage budgets for corporate trips and overall financial spending.

Corporate travel management services offered by platforms like EzBizTrip support a growing trend in the employment sector which was once a niche activity. Only time will tell when such a solution is adapted to meet the needs of different travelers, such as those on educational trips and medical missions.

About EzBizTrip
EzBizTrip is an integrated travel management platform for corporate customers on the move. Driven by innovation, the platform harnesses the power of automation, artificial intelligence and incentivization to make business travel planning easier and work trips more enjoyable.