NTRUST is Expanding to Deliver Settlement Services


NTRUST is Expanding to Deliver Settlement Services

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SINGAPORE – 5 August 2021 – NTRUST announces its expansion plans to extend its services into settlement by helping clients settle in with ease during the relocation process. Individuals with their visas will receive assistance from NTRUST, including clients who require help in sorting out areas like properties, schools, jobs, banking, car, and taxation.

NTRUST is an agency that provides Australian immigration services, assisting individuals with obtaining visas through their team of migration agents, consultants, and lawyers. However, they will also be offering settlement services to help clients smoothen the relocation process.

With a team of onshore personnel located in Australia, not only stationed locally in Singapore, NTRUST is able to liaise with both the authorities and locals. This puts the agency in a position to help clients settle down comfortably approaching their arrival in Australia.

However, sustainability remains a challenge for many businesses, including NTRUST, amid the COVID-19 situation. The migration agency has to adapt and persevere by making new implementations to their daily operations – from incorporating Work-from-Home (WFH) arrangements, setting up online conferencing to applying stricter regulations to on-site appointments. These changes have allowed NTRUST to sustain their employees and push forward marketing efforts to maintain revenue and widen its target audience.

Since 2003, NTRUST has been the first specialised Australian migration agency in Singapore. Holding more than 18 years of expertise, NTRUST has continuously provided solutions to clients for the betterment of their lives. With NTRUST commencing their settlement services, the agency aims to extend its help to families with prior applications in doing their visa or Australia PR.