Microsoft Recommended Using Vingroup Strong Authenticator


Microsoft Recommended Using Vingroup Strong Authenticator

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VIETNAM – 8 December 2020 – On December 4, the VinCSS-FIDO2 product by VinCSS Cyber Security Services LLC (a member of Vingroup) was included in the list of passwordless authenticators recommended by Microsoft for use on Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) – one of its key platforms. Vingroup became the first Vietnamese enterprise to be included in this list alongside 12 other leading security companies in the world.

Researched and developed by VinCSS Cyber Security Services LLC (a member of Vingroup), the VinCSS FIDO2 authenticator was officially recommended for use by Microsoft on Microsoft Hybrid Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). As Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service, Azure Active Directory enhances the security of logging in and accessing internal and external resources. Before including VinCSS FIDO2 authenticator in this list, the Microsoft team assessed and tested this product in addition to interviewing and learning about VinCSS’s business and technology capabilities for nearly six months.

The VinCSS FIDO2 authenticator enables users to securely log in to Microsoft Azure AD without a password. All users need to do is to connect the VinCSS FIDO2 authenticator to their computer and experience a seamless login with high security during the working process. This also helps minimise the risk of information disclosure due to logging by password and phishing attacks for account takeover.

As a strong authenticator, VinCSS FIDO2 also supports passwordless authentication on many other Microsoft platforms such as Windows 10, Office 365 and Windows Hello.

As of December 2020, only 13 out of hundreds of authenticators including VinCSS FIDO2 can satisfy the parameters and strict requirements for login process in Microsoft Azure AD.

Do Ngoc Duy Trac, General Director of VinCSS said: “VinCSS has completed the development of VinCSS FIDO2, an international standard strong passwordless authentication ecosystem, a comprehensive ‘Make in Viet Nam’ platform, which is capable of changing the game in the cybersecurity field by providing strong authentication with great user experience. This ecosystem includes various types of FIDO2 keys and a system of specialised technology solutions capable of reducing up to 80 per cent of network security risks, completely eliminating risks from phishing attacks and stealing account information and OTP.”

Being selected to accompany tech giant Microsoft has affirmed VinCSS’ ability to satisfy the most difficult customers and markets in the world while creating opportunities for Viet Nam’s technological mastery in the international market.

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VinCSS FIDO2® Touch 1 is the first strong authentication key by Viet Nam to achieve the FIDO2 certification issued by FIDO Alliance. VinCSS FIDO2 Touch 1 works quickly and effectively by logging in to your online accounts without passwords, OTP codes or other authentication applications. Customers can buy this product directly here. Please visit for more information about the strong VinCSS FIDO2 Touch 1 authenticator and VinCSS FIDO2 ecosystem. (Click here to see the recommendation by Microsoft: