Meet The Michael Jordan of Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading


Meet The Michael Jordan of Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading

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NEW YORK – 5 August 2019 – Digital assets like bitcoin have exponentially outperformed competing asset classes such as the s&p500, nasdaq, gold & oil. The value of bitcoin has been rapidly increasing year after year due to a fixed supply (only 21M BTC will ever exist) and growing demand factor.

On the other hand, the usd and other currencies have experienced vast amounts of hyperinflation for years, and are constantly manipulated by government policy. Some speculate the idea behind the creation of bitcoin was spawned from the worldwide stock market crash in 2008. Nonetheless, many have been able to profit wildly from both the bullish and bearish trends within the digital market if they are able to properly predict market conditions in crypto currencies.

Zima Digital Assets – a premier cryptocurrency fund – has been revealed as one of the fastest growing crypto investment funds in the world. Co-Founder and CEO John Caruso nicknamed “Kryp+0 K!ng” and has been revered as one of the top cryptocurrency traders amongst high profile investors on Wall Street. Some argue that he is the world’s greatest cryptocurrency trader of all time, because of his ability to time markets, spot trends and sort data/key pieces of information for trades- the Kry+0 K!ng is now drawing attention from major Wall Street Fund Managers as a prodigy.

Many have speculated on the size of the fund; however no confirmation has been received.

Kryp+0 K!ng was quoted in an interview saying, “My biggest piece of advice is to think long term and maximize your learning from your mistakes. Many see a quick bullish run and automatically develop euphoria, while others get depressed and emotional when markets are bearish, it is important to control your emotions and remain neutral.” He previously shared his thoughts on having a long-term outlook- “I’m not focusing on the all-time highs of bitcoin or any of the other altcoins, I’m more focused on the fact that bitcoin has consistently achieved a substantially higher all-time low on a yearly basis.”

This trend is what encourages many to hold their BTC in cold storage, effectively not being concerned with the fluctuations. ZDA however is not an infinite long BTC fund- it’s an active trading fund. Maximizing swings in volatility is what allows the Kryp+0 K!ng to realize such large returns.

Kryp+0 K!ng’s philosophy is summed up in one of his popular sayings, “Letting fear impact your decisions isn’t a way to grow wealth.”

Kryp+0 K!ng also mentioned early in his career, “I’m not in the business of guessing, I make calculated trades using tested principles and algorithms since trading is using historical models to predict the future. At Zima, we have a list of rules and principles to execute trades and make decisions which we believe has been the key to our success and allowed us to scale very quickly.”

In addition, priding ourselves on following our internal principles to invest conservatively in a highly volatile industry. Kryp+0 K!ng and Zima Digital Assets continue to be at the forefront of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry which continue to disrupt large industries and even revolutionize national finance policy.