World’s First BEFULL HUB Is Going to Kick off in Taipei on 3rd September

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TAIWAN – 26 August 2019 – BeFull Community confirmed to kick off its first BEFULL HUB in Taipei on 3rd September, alongside Sensory Cafe, Taiwan’s leading midnight cafe brand. Both parties will foster cooperation through BEFULL HUB program in marketing, resource-sharing, branding, and other various aspects, to drive the development of online-offline consensus community alliances – based on the principle of growing together for mutual benefit.

BeFull Community and Sensory Cafe entered partnership in Taipei

Sensory Cafe is the leading midnight café brand in Taiwan. With its unique management proposals and high-quality services, Sensory enjoys significant popularity and received a number of industry awards.

Sensory Cafe insists on remaining open until 3am so as to provide a high-quality space for the late-night workers for business negotiation and leisure activities. Its favorable business atmosphere and brand effect will be beneficial to integrating the members of the BeFull Community better in the future.

The pioneering community-sharing model of “Token Rebate” is an important part of the BEFULL HUB program. For every purchase in the BEFULL HUB, members will enjoy a BFC rebate by the BeFull Community. Furthermore, part of the turnover generated by daily global BEFULL HUBs will also go to bonus pools, and partners of BeFull Community participating in construction of BEFULL HUB will also be rewarded using a EOS-based lucky draw scheme.

In the future, the BeFull Community and Sensory Cafe will further explore more possibilities in the sharing of mutual advantages and dig deeper into the potential of cooperation to create a comprehensive traffic layout. On the basis of a favorable community development, both parties will spare no effort to accelerate the revolution of the global blockchain industry.