Prevent Water Damage with Dritech Easy-to-use Waterproofing Product Dri-Lastic WP-20

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Media OutReach - Dritech Chemicals

MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 2 November 2020 – Dritech Chemicals Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s manufacturer of high performance construction chemicals and materials, would like to announce a new and improved waterproofing product Dri-Lastic WP-20 that is designed to prevent water damage* in wet areas such as toilets and kitchens.

Dri-Lastic WP-20 is a high performance rubberised acrylic modified waterproofing compound that is not only suitable for Malaysia’s hot and humid climate, but it is also easy to apply.

Dri-Lastic WP-20 is a mono-component, water-based, non-toxic and eco-friendly compound that is ready-to-use. No mixing of the product is required, simplifying the application process on-site. Not only will it avoid potential mixing errors that are commonly faced with conventional two-component cement-based waterproofing products, it will also save time.

Its bright turquoise colour allows for easy visual inspection and ensures that all areas are treated with sufficient waterproofing material. After successfully waterproofing the surface area with Dri-Lastic WP-20, the area can be screeded or tiled over.

Elyse Kymberly Teoh, Dritech Chemicals Business Development Manager said: “After speaking to various developers and homeowners in Malaysia, we understand that leaks and subsequent water damage are one of their top concerns. Water leakages can lead to paint peeling off and the development of mold, mildew and air contaminants.

“There are several product pain-points with conventional cement-based waterproofing materials, with an increased risk of application and mixing errors when carried out by unskilled or inexperienced workers. With the ready-to-use Dri-Lastic WP-20, no mixing is required, greatly reducing the risk of such application errors.

“Quality, durability and convenience is assured with Dri-Lastic WP-20. We created an easy-to-use waterproofing product that will not only help improve QA/QC, but it will also help reduce the number of defects reported due to leaks, leading to an improved bottom line for our clients,” said Teoh.

*Dri-Lastic WP-20 should be applied in accordance to the specifications and instructions of the manufacturer (Dritech Chemicals Sdn Bhd) for effective waterproofing results.

About Dritech Chemicals
DRITECH CHEMICALS SDN BHD is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of construction chemicals, including waterproofing, epoxy flooring, anti-carbonation and anti-corrosion protective coatings, repair materials, stucco compounds, and many more.

We aim domesticate the production of high value and high-performance products within Malaysia and provide our customers with state-of-the-art solutions at the best rate. Our vision is to revolutionize and move the construction industry forward with advanced materials technology and innovative system solutions.

We are honoured to be able to collaborate with many local developers & contractors. Some of our projects include Merdeka PNB118 to resolve undulating car park floors, MRT stations with MMC-Gamuda for anti-slip floors at fire escape routes, JKR bridges & the newly built TRX interchange to increase their infrastructure’s lifespan, and supplying waterproofing systems to various residential projects under developers such as SP Setia and I&P group.