Love Kaohsiung Rural Independent Travel

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TAIWAN – 2 August 2019 – In order to promote rural experience activities and agricultural products, Kaohsiung City Government Agriculture Bureau is participating in the Autumn International Travel Exhibition at the Singapore Exhibition Centre with the Kaohsiung City Tourism Association and local practitioners from August 2nd to 4th.

Many interested Singaporeans are inquiring about rural tours in Kaohsiung.

As a preferred brand of rural tourism in Kaohsiung, One-day Farmer brings different rural trips to Singapore every year. Because there is no agricultural development in Singapore, the program will naturally attract many people who yearn for nature. To attract more foreign tourists to participate in the activities, the program has arranged rural tour almost every weekend, allowing independent travelers to sign up online and have a good time with local people. Moreover, in addition to the one-day trip, it also customized two-day one-night activity based on the needs of Singaporean visitors.

This year, in addition to picking fruits in the field in person, the two-day firefly viewing tour in Namasia is available. Every year, more than 10,000 visitors are attracted to Namasia to view the fireflies. The rich ecological environment of the hometown, dotted with the starlight like flashing fireflies, enjoying the original cuisine together become the most representative ecological tour in the countryside of Kaohsiung. There are Lei Tea, paper umbrella painting and washed wild lotus in Mino Hakka Town.

The sweet season-limited mangoes, handmade mango tower allow visitors to taste the fresh mango and on-site made mango milk, etc. With the changes in the four seasons, different rural experience activities will be launched, so that domestic and foreign tourists will experience different experiences every time they go to Kaohsiung.

In addition to the general public, many travel agents are also taking initiative in inquiring about the relevant tours and itineraries, from the type and safety of fruit picking, DIY items and flavor meals, travel time planning, etc. In particular, season-limited high economic crops such as mango, wax apple and dates are mostly inquired. From the on-site personnel’s detailed explanation of the traffic, they all said that in their Taiwan trip this year to next year, they will stay in Kaohsiung for a few more days, where Namasia firefly viewing and fruit picking in the first choice for tourism next year.

The Kaohsiung City Government Agriculture Bureau said that Kaohsiung is the largest city in southern Taiwan. It has Kaohsiung International Airport and port. There are direct flights to Singapore every four days a week, high-speed rail and railway links to Taipei, Taichung and other cities. The expressway is connected to the agricultural and fishing village. It takes only 30 minutes to reach Dashu, Tzukuan and other areas. It is very convenient for half-day, one-day-trip or two-day trips. One-day farmer official website almost has group trips every week. You may visit