Great Bay Bio’s 3D Advisory Board Science Committee Welcomes Another New Arrival

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CHINA – 27 August 2019 – Great Bay Bio, a leading AI biotechnology company dedicated to big data-driven CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls) development of innovative biologics, is pleased to announce that following the successful establishment of the 3D Advisory Board in the middle of this month, the Science Sub-Committee welcomes another new key member, Dr. Mark McHale, to the team.

Dr. Mark McHale received professional training in genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of London and the University of East Anglia (UEA UK). From 1986 to 1991, he obtained Ph.D. in molecular biology studying under Professor Richard Oliver and carried out post-doctoral research. Currently, he serves as the Head of R&D, Chief Development Officer and a Founder of ASLAN Pharmaceuticals. He has responsibility for progressing novel small molecule and biological therapies aimed at oncology and inflammation from preclinical development to the end of phase II of clinical trials.

Previously, Dr. McHale was the Head of Molecular Sciences at AstraZeneca Respiratory & Inflammation and in this role supported small molecule and therapeutic antibody projects from target identification to phase II of clinical trials. He was a core member of the respiratory strategy team for the inflammation research area for half a decade and personally led all new target identification in asthma.

Dr. McHale moved AstraZeneca into innate immunity with a strong focus immune checkpoint modulation to enhance immune surveillance and also skew the immune system away from allergy. In 2006, he led a $136M investment in the AZ/Dynavax collaboration to produce inhaled TLR9 agonists for the treatment of asthma and led the ongoing development projects which are currently in phase II of clinical trials.

Prior to 2001, Dr. McHale worked for 7 years at SmithKline Beecham, where he supported lead optimization projects in serotonin and dopamine receptors as well as working on leptin and the PPAR gamma agonist Avandia. He worked in neuroscience with Dr. Jackie Hunter for three years, during which time he established molecular science laboratories and formed a successful team to support molecular analysis of stroke and pain in order to characterize disease and identify new targets from a large strategic collaboration SmithKline had initiated with Human Genome Sciences.

The establishment of the 3D Advisory Board is part of the company’s mission of “Facing Future Challenges with 3D Innovation”. By combining three verticals of innovation “business foresight + science-based foundation + technology driven”, the company hopes new breakthroughs to tough market challenges can be hatched. Currently, the company has formed three separate sub-committees (Business, Science and Technology) to provide a solid foundation for Great Bay Bio’s mission and, ultimately reach the company’s vision of “Making Biologics Development Easy for Everyone”.

On the arrival of another remarkable talent for the Science Sub-Committee, Mr. Kingsley Leung, Chairman and Co-founder of Great Bay Bio, said: “We are greatly honored to have Dr. McHale join our Advisory Board. Dr. McHale has nearly 30 years of professional career in pharmaceutical research and drug R&D, and more than 10 years of international experience in Asia and Australasia. His deep industry experience across different therapeutic areas, and exposure to different R&D cultures and regions, are testaments to the diverse and multi-disciplinary nature of the Advisory Board we want to build.

As I said previously on the establishment of the 3D Advisory Committee earlier this month, the best innovation comes from collaboration between people from different backgrounds and expertise. The challenge of making traditional high-cost CMC cheap is a difficult one to solve, and that is why we believe Recombinant Innovation is our best shot of tackling it. The diverse background and experience Dr. McHale brings to our mission is invaluable, and I strongly believe working closely with our other Advisors will bring interesting solutions to the problem we want to solve”.