Empowering Knowledge In Technology Innovations Through Youth Tech Talk Series

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A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative by Invinity Group Berhad

MALAYSIA – 19 AUGUST 2019 – Invinity Group Berhad (Invinity) today inaugurated its very first corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, the Youth Tech Talk Series. This CSR initiative by Invinity aims to introduce school or college students to the tech industry by providing them with some knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as workshops on basic multimedia and programming skills in a professional environment.

L-R :   En Mohd Zaini Abd Raziq and En Mohd Syukri Abu Jamin, the accompanying teachers from PPKKS with the Co-founders & Executive Directors of Invinity Group Bhd; Mr Benny Lee, Mr Goh Hock Seng and Mr Jeremy Mah and the team from WORQ; Mr Jonathan Kam, Choo Wan Ning and Tiffany Ling.

This first programme of Invinity Youth Tech Talk Series was held in collaboration with WORQ, a productive co-working community, where freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs converge and work under one roof. More than 40 students from Serendah National Skills Development Centre (Pusat Perkembangan Kemahiran Kebangsaan Serendah, PPKKS), which is registered under the Department of Societal Welfare Malaysia (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat), were invited to participate in this inaugural series at WORQ.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Jeremy Mah, the Executive Director of Invinity, said, “This Youth Tech Talk Series is organised in line with our vision to inculcate the passion for innovations in technology among the youth. We hope that by giving the insight to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a hands-on experience on some basic multimedia as well as programming skills, we would motivate the students of PPKKS to continue exploring the field of technological innovations.”

“Youth Tech Talk Series serves as Invinity’s long-term initiative to instilling the culture of technological innovation among the youth and empowering their technological knowledge. Through this interactive series today, we believe the students have gained valuable knowledge on AI and learnt basic skills that might come in handy should they decide to embark in the field of multimedia or programming in the future,” added Mr. Jeremy Mah.

With the success of this inaugural programme, Invinity Youth Tech Talk Series will continue to empower the knowledge of technology innovations for other selected schools and colleges. For more information on Invinity visit www.invinitygroup.com.