BeFull Community Teams Up with Ontology to Accelerate the Development of Global Consensus Community

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CHINA – 6 August 2019 – BeFull Community and Ontology signed a strategic partnership agreement to formally pledge to cooperate on the Plan S, a super community program launched by BeFull Community. Vincent Cheung, founder of BeFull Community and Jesse Liu, Marketing Director of Ontology attached the signing Ceremony.

According to the partnership agreement, both parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in the development of a well-involved community ecosystem in the Greater China region. With the partnership of Ontology with its well-developed products and ecosystem, BeFull Community will continue to prosper the ecology of the Asia-Pacific blockchain consensus ecosystem by giving full play to the community’s advantages.

“The BEFULL Community, as the first community platform built with blockchain thinking, has attracted over one million users in a short period of time through consensus. In the past year, it has become the world’s leading Chinese community. As a decentralized open platform project, Ontology has been committed to providing a more mature trust ecosystem for blockchain projects at home and abroad to build a global industry-wide blockchain matrix,” said Jesse, “we hope to become Asia’s largest community ecosystem through cooperating with the BeFull Community to establish an innovative model combining the community with cross-chain ecosystems. By providing forward-looking and advanced technical achievements, global leading products, and more exclusive eco-investment opportunities for all community members, we hope to give all co-contractors who join our big family a sense of great pride and belonging.”

“With the expansion of the scale of the BeFull Community, and the acceleration of the application process, linking the worldwide high-quality blockchain forces through the Plan S program, a super community project launched by BeFull Community, will help us to develop further. By integrating the resources of our cooperative community and fully demonstrating their respective characteristics, we will help to realize a better blockchain community that is truly open, inclusive and innovative.” affirmed Vincent.

The BeFull community and Ontology have reached a consensus on their roles within the super community project, based on equality and mutual benefit. As a super community strategic partner, Ontology will also have priority to use the BEFULL HUB to carry out offline meet-ups. In the meanwhile, the community members will also enjoy the exciting activities and benefits brought by this joint partnership.

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