BeFull Community Announces Worlds First Sky BeFull Hub in Taichung

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TAIWAN – 23 September 2019 – On September 22nd, the world’s first sky BEFULL HUB, launched by BeFull Community and Kaido Café, officially kicked off in Taichung, Taiwan. At this point, BEFULL HUB has spread over Taiwan from north to south.

In this cooperation, the BEFULL Community teamed up with Kaido Café to hold a pop-up coffee-gifting event at the Caowu Square in Taichung with the theme of “LIFE WELL REWARDED* Adventure”. At the event, the first original IP image of the BeFull Community, FUBEE, was unveiled to the public for the first time as well, drawing tons of local people to stop taking pictures.

BeFull Community Announces World’s First Sky BEFULL HUB in Taichung

“The purpose of this pop-up event is to provide an opportunity for community members to truly experience the continuous development of BeFull community. In the future, we will launch a series of activities around the world with the theme of “LIFE WELL REWARDED”, to establish a strong linkage in between online community and offline platforms and to enhance the global influence of the BEFULL HUB.”

Vincent Cheung, the CEO of BeFull Community said, “FUBEE, the original IP image of BEFULL HUB, is our new attempt to promote the application of blockchain. We hope that through this cute lucky cat image, we can bring the blockchain technology to more general public in a more user friendly way.”

Kaido Café is a well-known “sky café” with a wonderful panoramic city view located in west district of Taichung. Mr. Xie, the founder of Kaido Café said that the blockchain’s up-and-coming structural innovation contains the power of revolution. The gratifying development of the BeFull Community and the high cohesiveness of the team are obvious to both the community members and the whole industry.

Kaido Café is honored to be the first sky BEFULL HUB, to be part of the real economy that is driving the integration of blockchain. We will continue to hold blockchain-related business courses and theme activities to drive consumers in Taiwan to cultivate digital currency consumption habits with BeFull Community to achieve a win-win situation.

In the future, BeFull Community will work together with city partners to carry out more in-depth cooperation in the comprehensive development of the brand building, marketing and other aspects to promote the development of blockchain application in entity economy.