Marvin Lau, Chief Executive Officer of LEGACY, Led 300 Volunteers for a Community Service in Hong Kong Entitled ”Ending the Epidemic Together”


Marvin Lau, Chief Executive Officer of LEGACY, Led 300 Volunteers for a Community Service in Hong Kong Entitled ”Ending the Epidemic Together”

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CHINA – Media OutReach – 2 June 2020 -Recently, a community service campaign led by Marvin Lau, Chief Executive Officer of LEGACY, with the theme of “Ending the Epidemic Together” was launched in the 18 districts of Hong Kong, donating more than 70,000 masks with 10,000 beneficiaries.

Marvin Lau, CEO of LEGACY, participated in the distribution of anti-epidemic materials, and expressed concerns to the groups who were seriously affected by the epidemic. He said that LEGACY is based on the idea of helping more people. Nobody is fighting alone, and LEGACY will make its own contributions.

LEGACY, under the leadership of Chief Executive Marvin Lau, has always adhered to its social mission. As a well-known training enterprise, it has been committed to helping trainees face challenges in a changing society, break through their limitations, fully explore their potentials, vitalities and creativities, and create outstanding wonderful lives.

LEGACY has been established in Hong Kong by Marvin Lau, a senior instructor who has been worked in potential development for more than 20 years, and seven well-known training instructors.  As an all-round consulting center for experiential growth, it is people-oriented and focuses on their sustainable growths. It devotes to the mission of “arousing the consciousness, improving life quality, and creating a world full of happiness”.

It focuses on helping dreamers to achieve their outstanding lives. It enables people to recognize their current state quos through experiential growth training, broaden their visions, clarify their growth directions, and constantly improve themselves in terms of bodies, spirits, minds, and emotions, so as to achieve personal life values and success.”

Based on market demand, LEGACY has started four training centers in Hong Kong, Taipei, Shenzhen and Beijing, which include the Taipei Training Center established in 2001, Shenzhen Training Center established in 2003, and Beijing Training Center established in 2007.

Thanks to the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, LEGACY has provided more online courses, prompting more Chinese to break through their own limitations in life orientation and realize their values.

LEGACY’s highly effective trainings and outstanding training achievements have become popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen and Beijing. It has successfully assisted tens of thousands of trainees to significantly improve their personal growths, self-awareness, team cooperation, organizational leaderships and professional skills. Among them, there is no lack of outstanding leaders in major industries who are graduates of LEGACY.

Regarding LEGACY’s competitive advantage in the field of growth training, founder and chief executive Marvin Lau said, “LEGACY’s remarkable training achievements and popularities are the results of its excellent teacher team. Each of them is an outstanding student who has benefited from LEGACY’s success and has made achievements in society. They believe LEGACY’s corporate philosophy of promoting oneself, achieving others and benefiting society, and are willing to use their own experience to promote the growth of students.

“Moreover, LEGACY’s courses are customized experience learning, based on the different needs of occupation, interpersonal relationship, finance, health, family, life goals and life direction. LEGACY’s workshops have set up core step-by-step workshops and multi-dimensional workshops respectively, which are dedicated to helping students to have a clearer understanding of themselves through direct physical, emotional and spiritual participations in learning, to change the ways of learning, to enhance comprehensive competitiveness, to find the best states of life, and to truly realize full and successful lives.

In addition to pursuing the promotion of personal value, LEGACY also pays great attention to the dedication of social value and returns to the society in the process of development. Since it was founded in 2000, LEGACY has carried out the humanistic care of the enterprise with practical actions and actively devoted itself to social public welfare undertakings. Every year, it contributes 5% of its profits to social welfare as a charity donation, participating in charity activities for the elderly, children, and helping the vulnerable, etc.

In the midst of the epidemic, Marvin Lau also encouraged the enterprises affected by the epidemic. He said, “I believe that we should always face everything optimistically, and negativities cannot solve the problems. Now that the incident has occurred, everyone must remain calm and optimistic. “Fortunately, the epidemic prevention and control work has been effective, and the LEGACY Taiwan course has been steadily progressing. Students from Shenzhen and Beijing have already taken part in the online studies, and the Hong Kong Training Center is expected to be opened by the end of June. LEGACY students will actively participate in the distribution of epidemic prevention materials as volunteers and make modest contributions in the field of social welfare.

“Although many of LEGACY’s development plans have been temporarily suspended due to the epidemic, LEGACY will actively consolidate the company’s business and enhance its team strength based on the long-term development of the enterprise, and will continue to make contributions in the charity. “Marvin Lau said. After the epidemic, LEGACY will surely help more people to improve their self-worth and achieve outstanding growth.