Junior Genetics offers Genetic Testing Service for Children in Taiwan


Junior Genetics offers Genetic Testing Service for Children in Taiwan

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Do It Once And Reap The Benefits For A Lifetime

TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 7 August 2020 – Pharmigene is a biomedical company which was founded in 2005 by Yuan-Chon, Cheng. Cheng is an academician of Academia Sinicas, he was the third director of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences. At present, Pharmigene has a research and development center in Taiwan, and has obtained GMP/ISO13485 certification.

They focus on the product development, production and application of pharmacogenomics and molecular diagnostic reagents for preventive healthcare. Also, actively stepping into the self-built genetic and functional medical laboratory testing services, the project is about to obtain the Precision Medical Laboratory Developed Test (LDTS). Currently, it is one of the few companies in Taiwan capable of providing complete pharmacogenetic testing services.

In April 2020, Pharmigene started “Junior Genetics”, a children’s genetic testing center, becoming the first health check center in Taiwan with children’s genetic testing as its main service. In order to promote children’s personalized health care and medication safety, an integrated platform for children’s genetic testing and health check was established.

The platform combines a variety of testing technology to conduct testing and analysis for different genotypes. The testing items cover three categories: genetic testing of drug response testing, personalized genetic testing, and functional medical testing. By doing the test, the genetic composition and personal health condition can be analysed in advance. Junior Genetics also provides a paper report and a medication inspection APP, which are provided as a lifelong reference.

Children’s Genetic Testing is Necessary.
Children’s genetic testing is like a child’s first health check. The sooner they can be tested, the sooner they can know personal medication information, which is a great help to children’s health management. The results of genetic testing can make prescriptions safer, by letting parents and doctors know which medications are suitable for the individual child. As children are not simply small-scale adults, their absorption and metabolism of drugs are different from adults.

If drugs are used improperly, the damage to children is much greater than that of adults, which will cause a great burden on their small bodies. Genetic testing reports for the patient are convenient for doctors to prescribe medicine accurately. According to WHO’s statistics, because the drug dosage for children is not easy to calculate, the incidence of medication errors in children is three times more than adults. The results of genetic testing provide doctors with a reference for evaluation, making appropriate prescriptions and adjustments to dosages as necessary.

Digitization Of The Testing Report.
Thanks to the advancement of technology, human genes are no longer a mysterious secret. You can learn more about your body and health through genes, and you can even know which drugs may cause allergies or abnormal drug metabolism. Junior Genetics focus on 9 divisions, 7 categories, and 33 common medications for genetic testing and analysis. At the same time, a convenient APP has also been developed; clients’ test reports will be uploaded to the cloud and available for analysis through the APP.

The report is easily accessible, ready to share with medical professionals who can browse the child’s genetic test report. In addition, the application allows users to scan the barcodes of medication in pharmacies – the APP will flag up any medications which they may be allergic to and give advice as to appropriate dosages.

In the golden age of children (before the age of 12), and even before they reach adulthood at the age of 18, early medical genetic testing can reduce the occurrence of adverse reactions after taking unsuitable medication. A child grows up only once, but as their genes never change, the report will be useful for a lifetime.