Jadeite Attends Event in Palace of Westminster at Invitation of UK Developer ICC


Jadeite Attends Event in Palace of Westminster at Invitation of UK Developer ICC

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HONG KONG SAR – 5 October 2023 – Imperial Corporate Capital (ICC), a property developer based in the UK, invited the Hong Kong family office, Jadeite Family Office, to attend an event at Palace of Westminster in the United Kingdom on September 8. During the event, Ricky Lee, the founder of Jadeite Family Office, delivered a speech stating that they have witnessed many Hong Kong families immigrating to the UK over the past few years.

He emphasized that Jadeite Family Office has been providing financial planning services to numerous Asian families before and after their immigration, with real estate investment being particularly important. The London property project in collaboration with ICC caters precisely to the financial needs of Asian family clients.

ICC is a real estate developer specializing in property acquisition and redevelopment in the Greater London area. They have been collaborating with top architectural design firms to develop sustainable and carbon-neutral luxury apartments, hotels, golf courses, and more. With extensive development experience, ICC has built a substantial network in the business and political sectors.

The event at Palace of Westminster, which invited financial institutions from around the world for a business exchange, benefited from the strong support and assistance of influential figures in the business and political realms, including the arrangement and support of a British knight as customary. ICC has established close relationships with real estate developers and investment partners worldwide, and Jadeite Family Office is their designated partner from Hong Kong, facilitating various collaborations between professional investors in Hong Kong and the UK property development sector.

In 2023, Jadeite Family Office and ICC established a joint venture fund, the Jadeite-ICC Nightingale Grove Project Development Limited Partnership Fund, to raise £7.5 million for the redevelopment of the Nightingale Grove property project, targeting a return of 15-25% with an expected duration of 1.5-2 years. The project obtained planning permission from the local council in mid-July.

ICC views the Nightingale Grove project as the beginning of their collaboration with Jadeite Family Office, aiming to expand their partnership. They are particularly interested in Jadeite’s solid client base in the Greater China region as a boutique family office and their previous experience in providing professional services to major Asian families, including immigration arrangements, educational guidance, global asset planning, investment portfolio management, tax planning, and risk management. Additionally, Jadeite Family Office has extensive experience in offering services such as private equity and funds, pre-initial public offerings (IPOs), structured products, and other alternative investment products.

About Jadeite Family Office
Jadeite is a boutique family office that is dedicated to providing services for ultra-high net worth individuals and their families. Used as the Heirloom Seal of the Realm, Jadeite is considered a sacred piece of gem from heaven, which signifies wealth and power. With its extensive experience and a team of professional partners, Yixuan offers a wide range of services, including asset allocation, alternative investments, immigration planning, education planning, tax advisory, childbirth planning, family trusts, risk management, and philanthropy.