iQIYI Youth With You Season 2 Perfectly Ends, and ”THE9” Girls Make Their Debut Formally


iQIYI Youth With You Season 2 Perfectly Ends, and ”THE9” Girls Make Their Debut Formally

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Media OutReach - iQIYI
Media OutReach - iQIYI

CHINA – Media OutReach – 1 June 2020 – The day of May 30 witnesses the perfect ending of the Youth With You Season 2, a youth inspirational program produced by iQIYI. In the night of “Final Competition”, nine girls, XIN Liu, Esther Yu, KiKi Xu, Yan Yu, Shaking, Babymonster An, Xiaotang Zhao, Snow Kong and K Lu, stand out from over 100 trainees with three months of great effort to make their first debut officially in the name of “THE9” girl group. Especially, XIN Liu stands on the stage center with amazing stage performance and high popularity on the Internet.

In the program, each trainee shows hard work, persistence, youth and vitality, presenting positive and energetic attitude to audiences. With their own endeavour and the professional teaching and guidance of mentors such as LISA, the girls have realized magnificent metamorphosis, and therefore magnetized numerous fans.

The Youth With You Season 2, a variety show program carefully produced by iQIYI in 2020, is very popular and remains a hotspot in China and Southeast Asia. It is reported that ” Youth With You Season 2″ has received over 300 million views on YouTube, 73 of the videos plays over than 1 million times.

And appeared on the Twitter trend of 15 countries including Asia, Europe, South America and North America for 393 times. It is a veritable global hot variety show.

The high popularity of the program is inseparable from the positive attitude of the trainees and the control of high-quality content by iQIYI. The trainees, only 22 years old in average, show the vigor of youth, the spirit of working hard and sticking to the dream, and the positive spiritual outlook of Chinese youth, which conforms to the trend of thought of Asian youth culture and expresses Asian youth culture in a more accurate and concrete way. With the program, iQIYI makes more people access to Chinese youth culture with personalized, fashionable, and positive characteristics.

Besides, with profound understanding of the minds of young people, iQIYI can accurately tap into the different needs of audiences across regions, and open up global market with better content. In addition to the popular “Youth With You Season 2”, iQIYI has also exclusively issued many high-quality programs such as “And The Winner Is Love”, “Legend of Awakening”, “My Roommate is A Detective” and the south Korean drama “Rebirth” in North America and southeast Asia, all of which have gained amazing popularity among young people.

In the future, iQIYI will also insist on high-quality content, and devote itself to create more positive and valuable programs such as Youth With You Season 2 to meet the entertainment needs of audiences in different countries and regions, so as to show more Chinese high-quality content to the global audiences.