Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong Recruit Local Talents for ”ReMix · Yesterday Future, Invent Tomorrow!”


Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong Recruit Local Talents for ”ReMix · Yesterday Future, Invent Tomorrow!”

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Relaunch Historical Hong Kong Brands to Achieve New Heights

HONG KONG SAR – 9 February 2021 – Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK) has always strived to promote the professional standards of industrial designs and to elevate the professional status of industrial designers in Hong Kong.

For the first time, IDSHK will organize the “ReMix · Yesterday’s Future, Invent Tomorrow!” (Remix) program. The program will bring local industrial designers and historical Hong Kong brands together, with the alliance of igniting creativity sparks and infusing new perspectives into established brands. The brands that will collaborate for the program are: Made by Carmel, Chicks, Red Apple, Yuet Tung China Works X Tung Hing Glass & Metal Ware and AXIS watch.

“Remix” is now inviting talented designers, design teams or companies to participate in this year’s program: relaunch historical Hong Kong brands to achieve new heights.

The “ReMix” program aims to align design teams with the collaborating brands. All new products will be design-led throughout the product development process, creating a series of products with unique style and characters.

Mr. Leung Chun-Fai, President of the Hong Kong Industrial Designers Association said: “Most people have limited understanding of industrial design in Hong Kong because industrial designers have always been the unsung heroes behind international brands. Through this program, we spark to showcase the charm of Hong Kong designs, let people enjoy the results of excellent designs and appreciate Hong Kong brands from new perspectives, and thus achieving a triple win situation!”

To participate in the program, applicants have to first submit their CVs and past portfolios. Then the applicants put forward the brands they are interested in, together with the reasons for their choices and views on future busines opportunities on the program website. The short-listed applicants will then be invited to present their design ideas to representatives of the brands and the assessment panel in an interview via video conference. Finally, the selected applicants will collaborate and design new products with leading local brands, and be awarded royalty fees and design credits for their new products. Apart from media interviews for the selected designers, the new products will be promoted in roving exhibitions and major online and offline sales channels.

Application starts on 18 January 2021. Deadline for the first part of the application is 28 February 2021. For more details, please visit the IDSHK website at For further questions, please send email to or call 3586 8831 directly.

Important Dates:

Application starts Email: from 18 January 2021

Online: from 18 February 2021

Deadline for 1st part of the application
(CV and portfolio submission)
28 Feb 2021
Deadline for 2nd part of the application
(indicate brand choice(s), reasons, and insights)
10 March 2021
Interviews 29 March 2021
Announcement Early April 2021
New Product Development and Production Early April to December 2021

Application Eligibility:

  • Team of 1-3 designers (at least half of the team members must be a HKID card holder) OR a Hong Kong registered company.
  • One of the team members must be

–  a member of IDSHK
–  OR an industrial designer with qualification* and at least 3 years of working experience
–  OR an industrial designer without relevant qualification but have more than 5 years of working experience in product design.

*Qualification means a recognized diploma/ associate degree/ university degree holder or above in product/ industrial design or related disciplines.

About Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong
Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK) is a non-profit organization founded in 2002. IDSHK aims to promote state-of-the-art and professional practice of Hong Kong’s industrial design, and to leverage its status. In 2004, IDSHK has established and implemented the “Professional Practice & Contract Template for Hong Kong Industrial Designers”. It is expected to foster the public interests to the value of industrial design (ID).

IDSHK promotes knowledge exchange regularly through ID seminars, knowledge-sharing forums, mentor workshops and visits to the international ID Expo & Forum in China. IDSHK has successfully established collaborations and strategic alliance partnership with industrial bodies and education institutes.