How Kungfu Durian Blazed the Trail for Durian eCommerce in Singapore


How Kungfu Durian Blazed the Trail for Durian eCommerce in Singapore

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Media OutReach - Kungfu Durian
Media OutReach - Kungfu Durian

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 8 June 2020 – Singapore-based business Kungfu Durian’s owner Jay Lee was eagerly anticipating durian season this year. It was a time where durian lovers came together to feast on the king of fruits.

But alas – with stricter health measures to combat the Covid-19 Outbreak came a new world characterised by norms like social distancing and self-isolation.

Against all odds, Jay was determined to bring the joy of a yearly durian feast to all durian fans by implementing a robust eCommerce strategy that would leave a permanent digital footprint in the niche but saturated durian market.

Combating the Thorny Situation with Technology
In the digital age where online shopping makes up the bulk of commerce, businesses like Kungfu Durian must adapt to the ballooning trends to keep up with changing consumer behaviours.

The monumental shift from offline to online shopping had already begun early in the year as online shopping for food and groceries exploded during the Circuit Breaker.

Furthermore, with procurement disruptions due to lockdowns and travel restrictions in other countries, Jay wasted no time in devising a unique durian eCommerce strategy which promoted effective social distancing and assured that durian junkies across Singapore could get their fix in the comfort of their own homes.

The first of its kind in the lion city, shoppers could easily choose from a full spectrum of durians from the grand Mao Shan Wang or the lesser-known but mouth-watering S17.

Making ‘Cool’ Durian Feasts a Reality at Home
Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in food & beverage eCommerce is handling perishables.

To preserve the maximum freshness of his stocks, Jay and the Kungfu Durian team unveiled a full batch of frozen durians that could last for 3 months in the freezer. All frozen items were vacuum-packed while all fresh ones were carefully sealed in airtight boxes to prolong the freshness and keep the sui generis flavour and texture of the fruit intact.

Customers were able to enjoy these delicate frozen gems as they were or defrost them for a durian feast at home with their loved ones.

On top of providing an extensive catalogue of fresh and frozen durians, Jay and the team introduced same-day delivery. This allowed customers to receive their orders within the same day after payment confirmation.

Sharing Festive Cheer this Durian Season
“Our game plan isn’t too focused on profits. Instead, we are keeping at it because we want to spread some good cheer to our likeminded durian lovers this durian season,” declared Jay.

Online shopping revenue continues to peak as the year wears on and the world adjusts to the new normal. Jay and his team are staying on their toes to manage all inbound orders as promptly as they can.

“Sure, a durian feast needs durians. But what’s more important is the experience and joy that comes out of feasting. We want to send some positive vibes to everyone this season.”

About Kungfu Durian
Kungfu Durian is Singapore’s prime durian online store. Their online catalogue incorporates highly sought-after Mao Shan Wang, XO and so much more. They also supply pastes and purees made from 100% pure durian.