GBA Innovation Summit on Sep.5 Hosted by TusPark Hong Kong: Explore the Technology Innovation Potentials of the Greater Bay Aera


GBA Innovation Summit on Sep.5 Hosted by TusPark Hong Kong: Explore the Technology Innovation Potentials of the Greater Bay Aera

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HONG KONG SAR – 1 September 2022 – Initiated and hosted by TusPark Hong Kong and InvestHK, GBA Innovation Summit, as the opening event of the 2022 StartmeupHK Festival, will be held online on September 5th.

The GBA Innovation Summit is a one-day virtual summit aiming at providing a glimpse of the unleashed potentials and developments in the Greater Bay Area which would enable innovators, business partners, governments, and all other stakeholders to connect with each other, exchange ideas and explore possibilities with conferences, business matching activities, exhibitions, etc.

This year’s GBA Innovation Summit is held by TusPark Hong Kong once again. The Summit will bring together more than 40 experts and top business figures from international organizations like IFC, the United Nations, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, multinational corporations and new economy enterprises such as Microsoft, Google, New World Development, Lenovo Capital, China Resources, and TusStar VC. They will have a shared understanding on the future development of science and innovation in the Greater Bay Area.

In addition to the enlightening insights on the technology innovation development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area shared by the guest speakers, the Summit also offers virtual booths, VIP networking session, and other interactive sessions, where visitors can meet with world-class experts and scholars, venture capitalists, tech enterprises, and industry representatives, so as to match business needs with each other and seize potential opportunities.

Navigating the roadmap to a global innovation and technology hub
Three years have passed since the promulgation and implementation of the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Establishing an international science and technology innovation hub with global influence is the most prominent strategy for the development of the Greater Bay Area. Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Guangzhou Science&Technology cluster was ranked the 2nd place among the top 100 list in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2021 report released by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Hong Kong, as the global financial and commerce center, is a significant builder of an international scientific and technology innovation hub and will impact the world through technology.

Official data shows that there were over 4,000 local startups in Hong Kong in 2021, and venture capital fund investments increased sharply to over 41.7 billion Hong Kong dollars. In addition, in the World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2021, Hong Kong was ranked the top in Asia, and its strength in “technology” was rated the first in the world.

TusPark, which stands for Tsinghua University Science Park, is the key platform for technology transfer and business incubation. TusPark Hong Kong is established to create a high-quality startup ecosystem and to encourage the entrepreneurship of technology companies in Hong Kong.

Stay tuned for the upcoming GBA Innovation Summit
GBA Innovation Summit was first held during the StartmeupHK Festival in May 2021. Over 50 renowned technology, investment and industry leaders participated in the one-day online event as roundtable guests. The event attracted about 150,000 viewers from 32 different countries and regions. The Summit also set up 10 workshops and 82 virtual booths, where entrepreneurs can pitch and share their ideas and have in-depth discussions with investors.

This year’s GBA Innovation Summit will be held on September 5, 2022. This year’s event keeps the ‘online+offline (Hong Kong)’ form, and will guide the visitors to the latest trends and policies of the Greater Bay Area and will discuss many other global themes. At the Summit, more than ten topics under the themes of Tech innovation, industry, and ESG will be discussed in depth, covering the most recent and hotly debated areas of international science and technology development, as well as the entire value chain of innovation in the area.

2022 is the third year of the epidemic. Under this background, the market is putting its full attention on all developing technological industries in an effort to spur new economic growth. GBA Innovation Summit will bring together the world’s top technology, capital, and industry leaders to present the participants with cutting-edge technology and potential opportunities for collaborative development.

TusPark Hong Kong
Tuspark Hong Kong Limited is a subsidiary under Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, it has had the mission of being a gateway for Hong Kong and overseas startups to explore the China market, especially the GBA, as well as a hub for Hong Kong startups to interact with the Mainland China. By far, Tus-Holdings Co Ltd has 300+ incubators; 10,000+ incubates and organised 4,000+ events per year worldwide. In particular, there are 9 incubators set up in the Greater Bay Area, including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Jiangmen, Zhaoqing etc.

About StartmeupHK Festival
The StartmeupHK Festival (SMUHK) is a full week festival initiated and supported by InvestHK and running since 2016 which aims to bring together best technology and innovation to the festival.