Apical Rolls Out Gotong Royong Vaccinations in Balikpapan Following Success Vaccination Campaigns in Other Cities


Apical Rolls Out Gotong Royong Vaccinations in Balikpapan Following Success Vaccination Campaigns in Other Cities

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BALIKPAPAN – 5 July 2021 – Continuing the successful ‘Gotong Royong’ (Mutual Cooperation) vaccination campaign that was carried out across its operations in Jakarta, Marunda, and North Sumatra, Apical Group today rolled out another mass vaccination campaign for all employees at its Balikpapan operations.

Apical Group is part of a global group of companies managed by Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), whose Chairman and founder Sukanto Tanoto believes in the 5Cs approach of creating value for the community, country, climate, customer and country.

President Director of RGE Indonesia, Irsan Syarief said that the ‘Gotong Royong’ vaccination campaign represents RGE’s support of and contribution to the success of the National Vaccination Program, a priority government agenda to contain the spread of COVID-19.

“The health and safety of all employees in our business groups are top priority. Vaccination provides protection for our employees to continue working in this new normal era and support our nation’s economic recovery, especially in the forestry and plantation industries,” said Irsan.

The successful implementation of the ‘Gotong Royong’ vaccination campaign also represents the close and strong partnership between the public and private sectors.

Apical Group SSL Manager M. Jaya Budiarsa said: “We are very grateful to be part of this ‘Gotong Royong’ vaccination campaign for benefit of all our employees, especially those in Balikpapan. We hope to achieve herd immunity and spur economic recovery in the industrial forest plantation sector (HTI), the palm oil industry plantations, and the downstream industry, such as biodiesel B30 and oleo chemical.”

Initiated by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), the ‘Gotong Royong’ vaccination campaign involves a nationwide cooperation between the private sector and the government. Seen as a critical step to accelerate the Indonesia’s economic recovery, the vaccination campaign has received strong support and endorsement from President Joko Widodo.

Apical remains committed to have all employees vaccinated for all employees. A total 130 employees in Balikpapan have received their vaccinations. Apical employees in Dumai and Padang will be the next batch to receive their vaccinations.

About Apical
Apical Group is one of the largest palm oil exporters in Indonesia, owning and controlling a broad spectrum of the palm oil business value chain from sourcing to distribution. The company is also involved in the refining, processing and trading of palm oil for domestic use and for international export. Its operations are located in Indonesia, China and Spain, and include six refineries, three biodiesel plants, an oleo chemical plant and a kernel crushing plant.

Apical’s business is built on an extensive sourcing network in Indonesia with integrated refinery assets in strategic locations. This is reinforced by efficient logistics channels supported by Apical’s own infrastructure to deliver to a wide range of clients from international trading houses to local industrial buyers. With its unique business model, Apical has been able to control product quality and address sustainability and food safety concerns, while running highly efficient operations in world-class refineries and integrated storage and bulking facilities.